Three Particularly Popular BBQ Dishes at Catered Events in Singapore

Singapore is famous worldwide for the quality and variety of its culinary options. Restaurants often receive more attention, but Singapore’s leading caterers have contributed greatly to this notable global reputation.

The top BBQ catering services in Singapore regularly turn out meals that wow everyone who eats them. A look at some of the most popular dishes when BBQ is on the menu might make it clear why so many people love this type of catering.

Dishes That Always Hit the Spot

Although there are plenty of other options, BBQ-style catering is regularly featured at events all over Singapore. Hosts know that opting for this type of catering will ensure a great time for all their guests. Some of the dishes that contribute to that level of confidence include:

  • Teriyaki chicken. Many BBQ catering spreads include plenty of seasoned raw meats that are ready to be cooked. One of the most consistently popular of these is teriyaki chicken, a combination that many diners find just about perfect. Although teriyaki sauce is of Japanese origin, it is a consistent favorite of people throughout Singapore. The soy sauce, rice wine, and sugar within it react beautifully to the direct heat of a BBQ. Using chicken as the canvas upon which to display this effect is always a wise choice.
  • Black pepper steak. High-quality beef has a natural depth of flavor that pairs perfectly with the smoky character a BBQ will impart. Seasoning tender beefsteaks with assertive black pepper adds a wonderful new dimension to the equation. Just like teriyaki sauce, black pepper becomes even more enticing when the heat of a grill transforms it. Steaks seasoned with salt, black pepper, and little else are often the most popular dishes at BBQ events in Singapore.
  • Sweet corn. Vegetables can benefit just as much from being cooked on a BBQ as would any type of meat. Grilling ears of corn over direct heat is a great way to preserve their sweetness while adding a welcome touch of smokiness.

Many More BBQ Favorites to Explore and Enjoy

Dishes like these consistently prove popular at catered events in Singapore where BBQ-style cooking is the focus. There are plenty of others that can be every bit as delicious and memorable.