Proper Care of Berkey Water Filters and Storage of Treated Water

After buying a Berkey water purifier, the new owners of this device are excited about having pure, uncontaminated water in their home and when they travel. The portable device is very effective at eliminating a broad range of impurities, chemicals, and dissolved minerals. Following directions for cleaning the filters allows them to last for several years.

Checking the Filters

The owners of the purifier should check the devices as recommended to see whether any visible buildup of filtered material has developed. That’s the time to scrub away anything that has accumulated on the outside of the filter. The most common material will be minerals if the tap water is relatively hard.

Removing and Preventing Mold

Sometimes, people are alarmed to find mold growing on the outside of the filter. This might happen if the home has mold spores in the air and the filter has not been cared for properly. It also can happen if the water sits in the tank too long. The problem can happen with any type of water filtration system if the owners neglect it. The water should be changed frequently if it’s not being used up often enough. People can empty the system before leaving town for a week or longer.

As with the minerals or any other substance besides water, mold cannot get through the filter and affect the water. The purifier owners should gently wash away the mold as directed. Although vinegar kills mold, this liquid should not be used with Berkey filters as it can damage them.

Water Storage

The filtered water that is removed from the system and not used right away can be stored in plastic containers. This allows people to have plenty on hand at all times. Plastic jugs that previously contained bottled water are suitable for this purpose.

Avoiding Hot Water Use

Another protective measure is to never add hot water to the purifier. Some consumers become interested in this with the smaller models as a way of making tea or coffee with filtered water. However, hot water can damage the filter elements. It’s best to draw room-temperature filtered water from the device and then heat it afterward.

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