If nothing will work, the pro

You know that? The water from the washbasin does not flow, the dishwasher is blocked, the toilet is practically unusable? And you don't know the advice. Whether you're doing what you do, the grandma's advice type to pour baking soda and vinegar into the sipping, rinse with warm water, pour the chemicals into the pipe […]

Our instructors have the necessary practice

We have been teaching our pupils for many years. We have extensive experience with it. Nothing can surprise us anymore. Our Prague Driving School will be intensively devoted to you throughout your course. We want to be absolutely sure that everyone will be perfectly prepared not only for the final exams, but especially to be […]

We provide fully professional services

Do you want to make a driver's license? Come to our driving school Prague and submit your application. I'm sure we'll marry you. We provide training for all categories of driving licences. With us you will learn everything from fully qualified and experienced instructors. These will be given to you individually during the entire training […]

Advertise Your Car Rental

Find quality and clear advertising free is hard? There are lots of Czech advertising portals on the internet and you do not know what the real one is? So right now you have found a solution! Whether you need to sell big things or things small, or you don't know what to do with guinea […]