Don’t forget to equip your house with quality windows

Currently, the revitalization of the paneling estates is taking place. The ugly gray and the uniform of the concrete jungle and the settlement welcome us with orange, pink, blue, yellow and red facades. Often the colorful variety is tasteless and is a real eye candy. In parallel with the innovation of facades, old wooden windows are exchanged for new plastic windows.
Plastic windows
Plastic windows on the paneling settlements are most often seen in white décor. This colour acts neutrally and does not compete with virtually any shade of the façade. So we could hardly imagine the colourful shades of the plastic windows of the panelers. However, this is the case for family houses in towns and villages, cottages and chalets.
Try a colorful range of plastic windows!

The use of more colorful shades allows to revive the dull wall and the adequate design of the windows will only underline the perfect impression. So take advantage of our large range of frame and wing colors for your plastic windows!